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Author: Donovan, Lois
Publisher: Ronsdale Press
Year Published: 2015
ISBN: 9781553803508
Grades: Grades 7-12

The Journal

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Canadian author Lois Donovan mixes teen drama with Canadian history in a magical and contemporary tale. Kami, a thirteen-year-old Japanese-Canadian girl suddenly finds her life upside down when she must move to Edmonton. Lonely and upset, Kami discovers a family journal with newspaper clippings that send her hurtling back in time to 1929, where she meets the heroic World War I flying ace Wop May as he embarks on a dangerous mission to the North, as well as Judge Emily Murphy of the Famous Five fighting for womens’ rights. Kami is shocked by the blatant racism and sexism she encounters during her trips to the past, and by a painful family secret she discovers.  The reader will see her mature from a sulky teen to a thoughtful, compassionate and determined young woman, clearly inspired by the those who forged a path years before in this passionate story that could adapt well to film.

Nothing But Sky
Trueblood, Amy
ISBN: 9781635830163
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