The Alberta School Library Council is a specialist council of the Alberta Teacher’s Association. Our members consist of teacher librarians and teachers who are dedicated to developing students’ literacy in all types of media: print, digital, communication and social. We focus on helping students learn to be Ethical citizens, Engaged thinkers, and Entrepreneurial in showing their learning.

  • support staff and students in inquiry teaching and learning which includes discovery, reflection, exploration, experimentation and trial and error
  • provide staff and students with the resources and support to use a wide variety of technology for learning, innovation, collaboration, communication and discovery
  • support students and teachers in developing the skills they need to manage information, evaluate and interpret content and ensure authenticity
  • enable staff and students to develop the ‘Big Ideas’ from which essential questions can be identified, researched and addressed
  • equip staff and students with the quality and relevant materials they need to explore problems and solutions
  • guide students to integrate ideas from a variety of sources, critically evaluate them, and then effectively communicate their findings to others
  • develop a Learning Commons collection of quality print and digital resources to help develop core reading skills and install a life-long love of reading for enjoyment and for information

Our Reviewers:
Our reviewers are library staff who are dedicated to finding the best literature for students to become engaged readers and thinkers. We review texts based on qualities such as:

  • engagement of story
  • readability
  • descriptive language
  • curricular connections
  • illustration excellence
  • non-fiction text integrity of data and source,