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Herrera, Juan Felipe
ISBN: 9780763690526
Grades: Grade 2, K-6

Have you ever imagined who you might be when you grow up? In this biographical poetic picture book,  Juan Felipe…

Best Medicine, The
Hamill, Christine
ISBN: 9781554518807
Grades: Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Life for a 12-year-old comic genius is no laughing matter. What could possibly be difficult for a 12-year-old?  Philip Wright,…

My Beautiful Birds
Del Rizzo, Suzanne
ISBN: 9781772780109
Grades: K-6

Move over, Barbara Reid! Canadian Suzanne Del Rizzo has created a gorgeously layered and textured vision of a refugee camp…

Far From Fair
Arnold, Elana K.
ISBN: 9780544602274
Grades: Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 8, Grade 9

Things that aren’t fair: Odette begins a list of ‘things that aren’t fair, from living in a motorhome (coach) to…

Up From the Sea
Lowitz, Lois
ISBN: 9780553534740
Grades: Grade 5, Grade 6, Grades 7 to 12

Plowing through blocks…in a marshland grave. Kai, a fourteen year old, biracial teen in Japan, experiences the loss of home,…

Cry Heart, But Never Break
Ringtved, Glenn
ISBN: 978-1592701872
Grades: Grades 7 to 9, K-6

Often, we are at a loss when we talk with children about death. Cry Heart, But Never Break broaches the…

Close to the Wind
Walter, John
ISBN: 9780545816625
Grades: Grades 7 to 9

“Mama has asked Papa to come and collect Malik from the house. She had hidden him in the wardrobe to…

Pete the Cat’s Groovy Guide to Life: Tips from a Cool Cat for Living an Awesome Life
Dean, Kimberly
ISBN: 9780062351357
Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

There are no failures, just lessons. – PETE Pete’s coolness comes through in book which teaches us about Pete’s outlook…

Red Butterfly
Sonnichsen, A.L.
ISBN: 9781481411097
Grades: Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7

Patience.  Mama says we will go to Daddy someday, move to America where we will all be happy. Kara, abandoned…

My Name is Blessing
Walters, Eric
ISBN: 9781770493971
Grades: Grade 4

Eric Walters writes from a compassionate heart and with first hand experience from his visit to Kenya. Muthini lives with…


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