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Una Huna, What is This?
Aglukark, Susan
ISBN: 9781772272260
Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4

Ukpik lives on a small island in the North in a traditional Inuit village. While she is playing with her…

You Hold Me Up – Ki Kîhcêyimin Mâna
Smith, Monique Gray
ISBN: 9781459821750
Grades: K-6

Monique Gray Smith continues to publish books that appeal to a wide audience and to encourage the theme of reconciliation…

Go Show the World – A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes
Kinew, Wab
ISBN: 9780735262928
Grades: Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

Awards:  Finalist – 2018 Governor General’s Literary Awards – Young People’s Literature – Illustration Winnipeg author, Wab Kinew, is a member of…

The Lives of Desperate Girls
Common, Mackenzie
ISBN: 9780143198710
Grades: Grades 9 to 12

Canadian debut author Mackenzie Common has written a riveting story set in northern Ontario, cleverly using a fictional scenerio to…

Spirit Trackers, The
Waboose, Jan Bourdeau
ISBN: 9781927083116

Uncle, tell the story of the Windigo. Two aboriginal cousins get more than a story when they ask their Anishinaabe…

Stolen Words
Florence, Melanie
ISBN: 9781772600377
Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Kindergarten

“Stolen Words”, by Melanie Florence, of Cree and Scottish heritage, is a charming picture book to add to your FMNI…

A Day with Yayah
Campbell, Nicola
ISBN: 9781926890098
Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

British Columbia author, Nicola Campbell, is acclaimed for her earlier picture books – “Shin-chi’s Canoe” and “Shi-Shi-etko” which introduce the…

When We Were Alone
Robertson, David Alexander
ISBN: 9781553796732
Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

Awards:  Winner – 2017 Governor Generall’s Literary Awards – Young People’s Literature – Illustration “When We Were Alone” is the 2017 winner…

Speaking Our Truth – A Journey of Reconciliation
Smith, Monique Gray
ISBN: 9781459815834
Grades: Grade 5, Grade 6, Grades 7 to 9, Grades 9 to 12

“Speaking Our Truth – A Journey of Reconciliation” is an outstanding narrative non-fiction, student resource for exploring the issues and…

The Leaf Reader
Arsenault, Emily
ISBN: 9781616957827
Grades: Grades 9 to 12

Popular literary mystery author, Emily Arsenault, has created her debut young adult thriller with a paranormal twist, told through the cynical voice…


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