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A Boy and A House
Kastelic, Maja
ISBN: 9781773210551
Grades: K-6

A wordless picture book, A Boy and A House begins with a boy walking down the street of an old-fashioned…

Map My Planet (Mapping My World)
Brundle, Harriet
ISBN: 9780778750031
Grades: K-6

Part of a series on mapping, this book explores mapping concepts for elementary children. It explains in simple text and colourful,…

Map My Community (Mapping My World)
Brundle, Harriet
ISBN: 9780778750017
Grades: K-6

Part of a series on mapping, this book introduces elementary-aged students to basic mapping skills about one’s community.  It covers…

Sun! One in a Billion
McAnulty, Stacy
ISBN: 9781250199324
Grades: K-6

Once upon a time-about 4.6 billion years ago- a magnificent and important star was born. Unlike most informational books about…

When Wolves Howl
Graham, Georgia
ISBN: 9780889955189
Grades: K-6

Against the drop back of Alberta’s mountains, the life of a wolf pack is brought alive through Canadian author/illustrator, Georgia…

I Didn’t Stand Up
Falcone, Lucy
ISBN: 9781988347066
Grades: K-6

First, they went for after Jamal. But I’m not black –  so I didn’t stand up for him. This anti-bullying…

La mocassin:The Moccasin: M’g’sn
Rivard, Sylvain
ISBN: 9782923926322
Grades: K-6

When Te-Jean is asked what he has on his feet, he explains to a creature, part rabbit, part deer, what…

Sing a Song of Seasons: A Nature Poem for Each Day of the Year

ISBN: 9781536202472
Grades: Grades 7 to 9, K-6

This beautifully illustrated book of 365 poems, one for each day of the year, invites readers young and old to…

Herrera, Juan Felipe
ISBN: 9780763690526
Grades: Grade 2, K-6

Have you ever imagined who you might be when you grow up? In this biographical poetic picture book,  Juan Felipe…

Amato, Max
ISBN: 9780545829311
Grades: K-6

What is perfect for you? As the author states in the book cover, perfect is ‘when we embrace imperfection, we…


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