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Author: Scott, Kieran
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Year Published: 2014
Grades: Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9

Only Everything

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Eros, a minor goddess (yes goddess, no cute cherub baby in diapers in this story), has somehow many to pull Orion out of the sky. She has no idea how she did it, she’s a minor goddess, she’s not supposed to have that kind of power! Scared of Zeus reaction, Eros, with her mother Aphrodite’s help, hides Orion away, visiting him every chances she gets and slowly ends up falling in love with him. But of course nothing lasts forever and when Zeus finds out he banishes Eros and her mother to Earth with the ultimatum match up three couples without using her love powers (which Zeus strips from her just to be on the safe side) or Orion dies and Eros will be an outcast. What follows is a light and highly amusing read as Eros tries to navigate high school, relationships and life on earth. The story is told through three different characters each struggling with their own issues. There is Eros who takes on the name “True”; she befriends Charlie, the new kid yet again, and tries to help him find his “soul mate” by setting him up with several different girls all of whom are so not compatible and one who is completely crazy. There is Charlie who wants nothing more than to just be able to play the drums but with a coach for a dad and two older athletic brothers it’s a losing battle. Then there is Katrina, a nice quiet girl who recently lost her father, is having problems with her mom, and has probably picked one of the worst boyfriends she possibly could for herself. Though it is completely obvious right from the beginning that Charlie and Katrina are the couple that “True” needs to match readers will not be able to put down this page turner. Full of easily relatable relationship drama and funny teenage mishaps Scott has written a wonderfully light hearted romance novel that is sure to please any romantic. Once Charlie and Katrina (finally!) get together it seems like the story has come to an end and everything is wrapped up in a nice neat little bow; However, readers should remember that Eros must match three couples and Zeus won’t make it easy for her and nor will Scott who ends Only Everything in a surprising cliff-hanger that will leaving readers gasping at the unfairness of it all and begging for the next book.

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