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Author: Poblocki, Dan
Publisher: Scholastic
Year Published: 2016
ISBN: 9780545925501
Grades: Grades 7 to 9

Shadow House: The Gathering

Reviewed by:

Dan Poblocki, author of several popular ghost stories, pens an eerie tale of five innocent teen victims who are lured and trapped inside the spooky Shadow House where something is wickedly wrong. The terrified guests must deal with attacks from ghosts in the constantly changing house, with adrenalin -pumping action that exposes the reader to hints and mysteries to come, while keeping many answers in the shadows. Illustrations and vintage photos throughout the book, as well as a cover with a shadowy mirror on it that opens to reveal a clear picture of a frightened girl, add to the haunting creepy roller- coaster feel. Scholastic offers a free App, with music, animations and interactive images where the choices made can determine the reader’s fate. Middle school readers will anxiously wait for the next intriguing book in this clever supernatural mystery series.

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