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My First Book of Canadian Birds

My First Book of Canadian Birds
Miller, Andrea
ISBN: 9781771086905

Look up in the sky…A bird! This simple book about birds found across Canada introduces young children, pre-school to lower…

Spirit Trackers, The
Waboose, Jan Bourdeau
ISBN: 9781927083116

Uncle, tell the story of the Windigo. Two aboriginal cousins get more than a story when they ask their Anishinaabe…

Secret Life of Red Fox, The
Pringle, Laurence
ISBN: 9781629792606
Grades: K-6

This beautifully illustrated informational book about red foxes takes readers from a snow-covered den in winter through a vixen’s life…

Curious George Discovers the Seasons
Platt, Cynthia
ISBN: 9780544785090
Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Kindergarten

Curious minds come in very small bodies and Curious George is a familiar friend with answers to their questions.  Curious…

Sleep Tight Farm: a farm prepares for winter
Doyle, Eugenie
ISBN: 9781452129013
Grades: Grade 1, Kindergarten

Enchanting, full-page, brightly coloured and textured illustrations frame the lyrical text in this picture book that describes the many activities…


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