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Patterned Books

How Big is an Elephant?
Bossu, Rossana
ISBN: 9788554519989
Grades: K-6

How many polar bears make up an elephant? Using comparison of zoo animals, young readers learn the preservation of number…

A Perfect Day
Smith, Lane
ISBN: 9781626725362
Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Kindergarten

The texture and the patterns of the cover first make this book appealing. It was a perfect day for Cat,…

The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk
Sehgal, Kabir
ISBN: 978-1481448314
Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Kindergarten

The traditional song of the Wheels on The Bus gets a world spin in this colourful and breezy rendition set…

Old MacDonald Had a Truck
Goetz, Steve
ISBN: 978-1452132600
Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Kindergarten

Goetz has transformed the classic Old MacDonald’s farm into a rollicking, revved up hymn to heavy machinery. The text begins…

The Full Moon at the Napping House
Wood, Audrey
Grades: Grade 1, Kindergarten

For those of you who are familiar with “The Napping House” this long overdue companion book is a must to…

Where, Oh Where, is Rosie’s Chick?
Hutchins, Pat
ISBN: 9781444918281
Grades: Grade 1, Kindergarten

Where, Oh Where, is Rosie’s Chick? is a long overdue sequel of Pat Hutchins’ much loved book, Rosie’s Walk. Rosie has laid an egg that…

Mo and Beau
Nastanlieva, Vanya
ISBN: 9781927018637
Grades: Grade 1, Kindergarten

Mo is a little mouse who wants to play. Beau, a big brown bear is just getting ready for a…

Sweetest Kulu
Kalluk, Celina
ISBN: 9781927095775
Grades: Grade 2

This Inuit bedtime poem describes each gift given to a newborn baby by all the animals of the Arctic. Appealing…

Down by the Barn
Will Hillenbrand
Grades: Grade 1, Kindergarten

Down by the Barn is a cumulative tale set to the same rhythm and rhyme as Hillenbrand’s book “Down by…

One-Dog Sleigh
Casanova, Mary
ISBN: 978-0-374-35639-2
Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Kindergarten

A delightful picture book, this lively winter tale is the sequel to Casanova’s summer story, One-Dog Canoe. The story is…


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